My piece in The Curlew Magazine

Last month, I was approached by the Editor of 'The Curlew', a periodical dedicated to writing about the natural world, and was asked if I would like to write a piece to feature in the magazine. I happily accepted...

My piece, 'Explorations in Extremadura', is about my experiences in the Sierra de Gredos, searching for Iberian Ibex, a rare species of mammal confined to the Iberian Peninsula. Here is a quick preview:

"We had arrived with one particular species in mind – the Iberian Ibex, one of Europe’s rarest mammals. There are four known subspecies of Iberian Ibex, two of which are extinct. The subspecies of interest to us in Extremadura was capra pyrenaica victoriae ; the Western Spanish Ibex or Gredos Ibex, found only in a few  small mountain ranges in Central Spain, one of which being the Sierra de Gredos, the range surrounding Guijo de Santa Barbara. To be quite honest, we didn’t arrive with the expectation of seeing any – Iberian Ibex are renowned for being especially secretive, and they tend to stay in the more inaccessible reaches of the mountains, away from humans. But there were signs everywhere that we were in the right place. The information centre had pictures of the ibex plastered everywhere, and there were a good number of signs featuring the animals too. Now all that was left to do was to head into the hills to search."

If you would like to buy a copy of The Curlew, they're available here.
'Pinus', the issue featuring my piece, is available here.
Sales of The Curlew benefit a variety of wildlife charities and organisations such as WWF and Flora & Forna International.

I would like to thank Dr Lynn Parr and The Curlew for featuring my piece in the journal - it's amazing to see it published, and I very much enjoyed writing the article.



  1. I didn't realise you had contributed Thomas. I'll order it now! Congratulations. Dara

    1. Thanks Dara! You should get in touch too - they'll be looking for writers for the next issue - I'm sure they'd love you to contribute!


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