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2016 - A Year In Review

Now that 2016 is coming to an end, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on the year, and highlight some of the best bits from the past twelve months.

So here, in no particular order, are my (wildlife-related) highlights from 2016:

1) Rainforest Trust Interview.
At the very beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to have an interview published on the American conservation charity, The Rainforest Trust's website - where I discussed Borneo and the threat of deforestation to the world's forest. This was the first time my work had been properly published before, so this was a very exciting opportunity and certainly led to me doing more of this kind of thing throughout the year.

2) Papercourt Meadows Short-eared Owls
Going back to Papercourt Meadows in Surrey in the winter of 2016 was fantastic yet again. We were greeted by beautiful sunsets and at least three individual Short-eared Owls - a great number for such a small reserve. It was a great winter for Papercourt - and…

Thoughts on Planet Earth II

10 years after the original series blessed our screens and introduced a generation to the wonderful world we live in, it's fair to say Planet Earth II has yet again enchanted the nation. Every Sunday night for the past six weeks, Twitter has been alive with people discussing the series, and evidently revelling in the incredible scenes being presented to them on their television screens.

I personally have thoroughly enjoyed the series. Some of the stories told by the BBC this time have been truly incredible. And what's been really encouraging for me is to see the statistics being released following the series. Namely the fact that "more young people are watching Planet Earth II than the X Factor". For me, this is a great sign that the next generation are more interested in the environment and the animals that live around them than ever before.

Sir David Attenborough and the BBC have yet again produced a nature documentary that has captured the interest of the nation, an…