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Surveying Nightjar with the BTO

Whilst in Norfolk at the end of June for my work experience placement at the BTO, I was offered the chance to join a group heading out into Thetford Forest one evening to find and survey the nightjar living in the area. I jumped at this opportunity, and it turned out to be a fantastic night.
Thetford Forest is the largest lowland forest plantation in Britain, and is full or patches of recently felled or new conifer plantations which provide great habitat for the Nightjar. This makes it possibly the best area in the county for surveying the nightjar.

Throughout the week there had been fears of evening rain that would force the survey to be cancelled and postponed to a different evening in the next week. But, luckily for me, the rain held (just about) on the Thursday that I was joining the group, so we headed off at around 8pm into the forest.
The BTO conduct these surveys of the nightjar in the area to monitor their populations and to help advise the landowners and Forestry Commission on …