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Close Encounters with Harbour Turtles

Yesterday, we returned to the Greek island of Meis, just off the Turkish coast. We first visited this island two years ago and, to the surprise of us at the time, saw a couple of wild sea turtles swimming and feeding right in the harbour, at some points even coming right up to the path. We got a few photographs from the surface but that was that. But this time, if we saw them again, I wanted to get more.

And low and behold, whilst walking around the edge of the harbour, we spotted two Loggerhead Turtles swimming around the boats very close to the path. The same was happening all the way around the harbour. I'd estimate a total of 6 individuals were swimming close to the paths around the edge of the harbour. With this number of turtles coming so close it was a great opportunity to try and film them underwater.

So the next time they came past, I put the camera under the surface, and I was amazed at the results. The turtles came much closer than I though they would, and I was able to g…

Conservation: Costa Rica Leading By Example after Deforestation Report

Costa Rica has yet again proved itself as one of the most sustainable countries in the world. I was very impressed to read this week that Costa Rica has increased its rainforest cover from a quarter of the total country's surface in the 1980s to over 54% today. This alone is a fantastic statistic, but it becomes even better when presented alongside the following. Costa Rica has also managed to, in the same time, increase food production per person by 26%.

This information has been presented after the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) released their latest State of the Worlds Forests report (SOFO). This report focuses on the relationship between forests and agriculture, and methods in which countries can slow their deforestation rate. 

The new report highlighted many, some quite worrying, statistics which generally demonstrated agriculture as being the main cause of global deforestation, with new commercial farmland being the cause of 70% of deforestation in Lati…

Guest Post - The Birds of Toronto

Toronto and the Ontario area are known as being particularly strong when it comes to birdlife. This shorter post is a selection of photographs from Toronto highlighting only a few of the many brilliant bird species from across the pond. For many of my British readers, I hope this will give you an idea of what birds live around the Toronto area.

Another trip to Toronto, another trip to Tommy Thompson Park to find more of Canada's birds. I was here around the same time last year, and there were noticeably more birds around this year, particularly cormorants and gulls in their thousands nesting all over the park.

This time I came here with one main aim - to find and photograph the Belted Kingfisher which I glimpsed last year. But I soon realised my chances of photographing the kingfisher were low this time around, mainly due to the vast quantity of seabirds that left little room for other birds.

I therefore set off to find what other species were around Tommy Thompson, and was amazed a…