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This is just a quick post to share my blog I wrote for the BTO's Young Birders Blog on Nocturnal Birding, the opportunities it offers, and some of the amazing nocturnal birds that can be seen after dark.

You can read the blog post here:

I was given the opportunity to write this blog whilst on work experience at the BTO, and chose to focus on a new aspect of birding that I have just discovered - birding at night.

As I explain in my post, nocturnal birding is exciting, different and presents a whole new cast of birds, the majority of which are elusive and mysterious, making it all the more exciting when you see one.

"The birds that hunt and operate after the sun has set are almost entirely different to the cast we’re all familiar with when the sun’s up. And, being harder to see and harder to spot, we don’t see them as frequently as our daytime birds, which makes finding them at night a whole lot more special. The common practice of bird ‘watching’ becomes interesting once it gets too dark to actually ‘watch’. Your other senses kick in to action, and you find yourself watching with your ears – listening for sound becomes a whole lot more important when there is minimal light.

So what are these nocturnal birds, and what makes them so special?


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