Conservation: New Bornean Forest Reserve!

After visiting Sabah, Borneo in the summer, I was so pleased to see this article, posted on the Rainforest Trust website. Traveling from place to place, we drove for hours through miles and miles of palm oil plantations, which were a sad contrast to the lively rainforest, which is rapidly disappearing in Borneo. Which is why protection like this is so great:

The news is that, on 21st December, the Sabah State Assembly approved the converting of "a major logging concession" to "a 168,032 acre permanent sanctuary for wildlife", called the Kuamut Forest Reserve. What's more, this new reserve will link two major existing reserves, The Maliau Basin and the Danum Valley. This will create a vital area of lowland rainforest between the two reserves for animals to safely pass through from the valley to the basin and vice versa. 

Having visited the Danum Valley this summer, it was fantastic to see that this new protected area has been created next to it, to keep the wonderful wildlife that calls the area home safer. Had this area been logged, as was planned, it would have further diminished the forest cover on the island, and the available range of some of Borneo's threatened species, such as the Orang-utan and Sumatran Rhino.

The Danum Valley and surrounding areas of rainforest provide homes for many amazing and threatened species. 340 species of bird, over 60 species of amphibian, 75 reptile species and 40 fish species. Impressive! And, as mentioned above, endangered species such as the Orang-utan (an estimated 700 of them), Sumatran Rhino, Pygmy Elephants and 60 species endemic to Borneo, as well as Gibbons, Tarsiers, Sun Bears, Clouded Leopards and the mysterious Bay Cat. The biodiversity of the area is incredible, which makes this new protection all the more exciting.

Our Danum Valley Orang-utan

There are no settlements in the Kuamat Reserve, and poaching is banned, meaning the wildlife that would otherwise have been killed or forced out, will hopefully now live undisturbed in the forest.

This protection is thanks to Rainforest Trust donors, the trust itself, as well as numerous partners in Borneo, including SEARRP, Permian Global, Yayasan Sabah Foundation and others.


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