More Marlborough Badgers

After a very cold day in Southern England, we had travelled to Marlborough, and put down our camera-trap to see whether the badgers were...
1) still there, and 2) coming out in the cold, wintery nights.

As it turned out, the badgers were definitely still there, and still very active. We were in for a treat when we went to collect the camera-trap the next morning.

The badgers first appeared at just after 20:00. It seems the first individual was very interested in what the new, strange contraption was by its sett, so came to have a look:

The badger then knocked the camera-trap, so unfortunately it was now facing down at the ground. But we still continued to catch the badgers going about their business at the top of the frame. The badger was still very interested in the camera-trap, and continued investigating at various times between 21:00 and 02:50. 

Interestingly, the camera-trap wasn't triggered a lot during this time period, so the badger must have been feeding elsewhere, occasionally coming back to the camera-trap to investigate. Of course, there may have been different individuals at the camera-trap throughout the night, but it's hard to tell.

All in all, a very successful nights camera-trapping! The badgers are still out and about quite a lot, and it's great to see that they're looking healthy as well. A great success!


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