Sabah, Borneo: The Bornean Rainforest

The Bornean Rainforest is a truly magical place. Birdsong fills the air, accompanied by the sounds of insects and monkeys. The dense vegetation hides many secretive creatures, and the canopy provides a home for others. This rainforest is some of the oldest in the world, and it was a real treat to visit and experience it.

The first thing that struck me when I entered the rainforest is the incredible sound. It is never quiet. Insects fill the air with sound, and birds are always singing. Mist covers the canopy in the early morning, creating an almost eerie atmosphere. But the best thing about the morning is the call of the Bornean Gibbon. Their wonderful sounds echo through the valleys and hills, acting as the alarm of the forest. The insects and the birds continue throughout the day, before being replaced by the evening shift of owls and frogs, which all create their own unique sound to add to the rainforest ambience.

After spending a few days in the rainforest, I also realised how diverse it is. It’s literally full of life. Everywhere you look there is a creature of some kind. I have never seen so much in such a small area of land. Thousands of different tree species inhabit one patch of rainforest, and their fruits and leaves provide food for a large variety of birdlife and primate species. These rainforests are very special places, and I now realise more than ever how important it is to conserve them into the future. With palm oil plantations and loggers continuously advancing towards the last remaining rainforest, something needs to be done to protect more of Borneo's beautiful forests.


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