Animal of the Month

Welcome to Animal of the Month for August 2015. Every month, we will announce our favourite animal that has been featured on the blog at some point during the month.

Which animal has been our favourite this month?

Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Bornean Gibbon
Harlequin Flying Frog
Proboscis Monkey
Mangrove Cat Snake
Reticulated Python

Winners: Orang-utan & Bornean Gibbon
August has been full of so many incredible animals from Borneo and Singapore that I have had to pick two. Almost all of the animals I have seen in this past month are new to me, so they were all very special. The Orang-utan had to be a winner, mainly due to its rarity and difficulty to see. Being only found in Borneo and Sumatra, these apes are really under threat, so seeing a wild individual was brilliant. But the Bornean Gibbon had to win as well. For the few days before we saw the group of them calling in the trees, I had said they were a species I really wanted to see. Our wonderful guide George said that they are usually only seen when you aren't out looking for them, and he was right. Instead of following them, they came to us, seemingly curious about the strange apes invading their canopy.


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