Rabbit Family on the Camera-Trap!

A couple of nights ago, I put my camera-trap out on an area of garden that looked slightly disturbed. There were scrape marks, vague footprints and a few crumpled plants, so I decided to see what animal was to blame. I was in for a treat.

Overnight, a family of rabbits came to the patch of soil, and started having a look around. At first, only the young rabbits are in shot, jumping around after each other. 

But then, the mother comes into frame, and one young rabbit seems to try to suckle from its mother. 

Such behaviour wouldn't be seen when humans were evidently around, so it just goes to show what camera-traps can reveal. The rabbits don't seem to be disturbed by the camera-trap. In fact, they show no evidence of even knowing that it's there. The family were just going about their business.

The young rabbits

It was a great insight into the lives of this family of rabbits. Another species to add to the camera-trapped list!


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