A Butterfly Bonanza

It's summer. The flowers are out in full bloom, and colour is everywhere. Summer also means butterflies, and lots of them. Over the past few days, I have come across many species of butterfly, from Large Whites to Small Skippers, and I have saved them some of the best for a blog bursting with butterflies!

I will start with my favourite of the recently seen butterflies: the Gatekeeper Butterfly. Over the past week I have seen many Gatekeepers, and they're truly beautiful butterflies. They could have been mistaken for Meadow Brown butterflies, but the extra spots and the large amount of orange confirmed them as Gatekeepers.

Gatekeeper Butterfly
Gatekeeper Butterfly

The next species was seen quite a few times as well. The Marbled White. This is a wonderful species of butterfly which, although it is only made up of two main colours, has brilliant markings on the inside of its wings. The mixture of black and white markings give it its name, and make it a lovely butterfly. The UK Marbled White population is generally concentrated in the south and west of the country. They are absent from Scotland and the Isle of Man, and uncommon in Wales and the east.

Marbled White

In the same area as the Marbled White there was another, less bright, but arguably more beautiful butterfly. This species is pretty bland, with almost no vibrant colour on its wings at all. But it has a few features that make it a great spot. The Ringlet. The Ringlet is named after numerous small spots or rings on both the outside and inside of its wings. Despite being a relatively plain butterfly, its simplicity, small features and white rimmed wings make it a brilliant one.


And I'll finish this post with the Small Tortoiseshell, the most colourful of the butterflies I have seen over the past week. Small Tortoiseshells are widespread across the UK and Europe, and is a common sight in British gardens. Unfortunately though, this butterfly has suffered quite a dramatic decline in the south of the country over the past few years, so it was great to see that they're around.

Small Tortoiseshell

As always, thank you for reading my blog!


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