Sedge Warblers and Reed Buntings

Whilst in the Alkborough area last weekend, we took the chance to visit the beautiful Alkborough Flats reserve to see what was around. We had only been to the flats a couple of times at this time of year, so it was a great opportunity to see how the flats had changed since our last visit in October.

The area looks very different to how it did in the autumn. For starters, reeds now cover the majority of the area, and all the plants are out again, making the whole place look richer, and more colourful. Unfortunately, this also means more cover for the birds in the reeds and bushes, so spotting was going to be trickier than usual. Or so we thought.

As we walked down the main path, we came across one bird after another, with each one being sat just off the side of the path. Reed Buntings were frequently sat very close to us, allowing us to see their normally unnotced colouring up close. I never realised how wonderful these little birds are until I saw so many last weekend.

Reed Bunting 
Singing Reed Bunting

As well as the Reed Buntings, there were also a few Sedge Warblers that gave us fantastic views on the side of the path. We were surprised by how close we could get to them as well. They let us stand almost next to them while they sang their hearts out in the bushes. The Sedge Warblers we watched would have come all the way from Africa, arriving, along with the other migrants, in April. They would have spent the winter in areas just south of the Sahara Desert, before migrating here for the hotter summer months of the year. Seeing them so close was a real treat, and I even managed to get some film of the bird singing away in a nearby bush!

And then, to finish things off, a Linnet sat on the fence just in front of me. Another wonderful bird that has added to our Alkborough list. All in all, not a bad days spotting!

Linnet in tree

The Alkborough Flats remains one of my favourite places to watch wildlife in Britain, and yet again it has proved to be a wonderful place to experience nature.

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