Britain's National Bird: The Robin!

After months of voting, the Robin has swooped in and grabbed the title as Britain's National Bird.

Britain's National Bird - The Robin
credit Andy Rothwell, license, no changes made

In total, over 224,000 (0.35% of the population) people cast their vote and had their say as to what our nation's national bird should be and the results were as follows:

1. Robin - 34% 
2. Barn owl - 12% 
3. Blackbird - 11% 
4. Wren - 9% 
5. Red kite - 6%
6. Kingfisher - 6% 
7. Mute swan - 6% 
8. Blue tit - 6% 
9. Hen harrier - 5% 
10. Puffin - 5% 

The Runner-Up
credit Airwolfhoundlicense, no changes made

As you can see from the results above, the Robin won by quite a large margin, and ,to be honest, I always thought the Robin would win overall. It is certainly a symbol of Britain. The vast majority of the British population would be able to identify one, and they are a common sight in our gardens. But I do also agree with what Chris Packham said on Springwatch Unsprung last night. The USA has the Bald Eagle, a grand, powerful bird, and Germany has the Golden Eagle. And then there is Britain with its little Robin. The Barn Owl or the Hen Harrier would have also been great national birds, but I do agree that the Robin best represents our country overall.

N.B. A new Papercourt post up soon, featuring Rabbits, Kestrels and Whitethroat!


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