The Land of Lizards #2

The lizards of Thursley seem to be the most popular thing to read about on my blog, with my all time most popular post being The Land of Lizards, from 2012. Because of this I decided to make, 3 years later, a part two!

Over the last 3 years, the lizard population of Thursley Common has stayed roughly the same, if not increased, which would be great news. On our recent visit to the wonderful reserve, the boardwalks were as overrun with lizards as I had remembered. There was maybe a lizard on every other boardwalk, which is amazing. If you want to see lizards in large numbers, Thursley is certainly the place to go, especially given it is renowned for its population of the nationally rare Sand Lizard, as well as Common Lizards.

The Lizards don't have the boardwalks all to themselves though


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