Animal of the Month

Welcome to Animal of the Month for May 2015. Every month, we will announce our favourite animal that has been featured on the blog at some point during the month.

Which animal has been our favourite this month?

False Widow Spider
Spotted Wolf Spider
Montagu's Harrier

Winner: Montagu's Harrier
It was another very difficult decision this month, with all the contenders being very interesting and exciting to see, but, for me, the Montagu's Harrier was the highlight. The pair were the first I had ever seen, and being one of only 12-16 in the UK, it was a special moment. Although I only had quite a distant view of them, you could still easily make out their colouring and features, which added to the excitement. The two spiders were very close, especially because of their interesting behaviour and backstories, and the Hobby and Cuckoo are always fantastic birds to see, but the Montagu's Harrier has scraped the title this month.


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