Outer Hebrides Day 9 - Harris Hills

Day 9, our last full day on Harris, and we decided that we would go walking. We had picked a path that went directly up a hill, which also turned out to be the old postman's route, before there were roads connecting the towns of the island. 

We began the walk, and very quickly, as we climbed, we realised how beautiful the scenery on Harris truly is. As we got higher, it just got better and better, as more mountains and scenery came into view. When we reached a certain point on the path, we decided to leave it, and go off-road. We headed towards a tall 'lump' of rock. This meant going through a lot of wet ground, and climbing a couple of other 'lumps' but it was all very fun, and it really felt like an adventure. Eventually, after almost injuring ourselves a few times, we reached the top, and the views were stunning.

The rest of the day was spent packing up, and preparing for the next two days of travelling that were to come. We did get out again though, to a small beach, and managed to get our last glimpse of Harris wildlife, in the shape of a Wheatear. A great way to end an amazing trip.


Thank you for reading :)


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