Outer Hebrides Day 8

Day 8 had begun, and we were up relatively early to get out early. We were out soon after getting up, and off to the beach for the morning. Unfortunately, there wasn't much wildlife at the beach. The main wildlife sightings came when we returned.

Very soon after getting back, we crept up to the small beach on the bay outside the cottage we're staying in. We had heard the call of a wader, but we weren't sure of exactly what it was. That was until we saw it. It was a Greenshank. We had heard, and caught glimpses of them previously in the week, but we had never actually managed to watch them for long enough to get a photo.


After that, we decided to take a trip to Scalpay, which is an island off of Harris, connected by a bridge. Just before we reached the bridge, I spotted a brilliant sign. "Caution! Otters Crossing". There aren't many places that have signs like that.

Scalpay Signpost

Scalpay itself was quite rich with birdlife. We spotted numerous Buzzards on the drive around the island, and there were lots of smaller birds as well, such as Starling, Skylark and Stonechat. We eventually reached a small parking bay, next to a path that lead up to Eilean Glas lighthouse. We decided to walk the path, and have a look at the lighthouse. After a long walk, we reached the lighthouse, and it was very impressive. We also spotted two Gannets flying out to sea and, although they were quite distant, I managed to get a photo of them. It was definitely worth the walk to get there.

Foghorn and Lighthouse

Another brilliant day in the Outer Hebrides!

Thank you for reading :)


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