Outer Hebrides Day 7 - Eagle Walk

After going to sleep earlier than usual the night before, we were up and ready for what Day 7 had in store for us. The plan was to go on a guided Eagle Walk organised by the North Harris Trust through a glen in the northern parts of Harris. Apparently the area is fantastic for eagles, so we were definitely looking forward to it.

We were ready to go at 9:45, to be at the meet point at the arranged time of what we thought was 10:30 (it was actually 10:00) so we arrived at the point at 10:10, to see the walkers already walking up the first hill. We ran to catch up, and luckily they waited for us. After almost missing the walk entirely, we all rushed up the first hill, and the walk began.

The scenery was beautiful in the glen, and it looked like perfect habitat for Golden and White-tailed Eagles. Sure enough, within 10 minutes, we had our first Goldie. It was a young one, but it was still impressive as it soared over the hill to our right, allowing us brilliant views of the bird, before disappearing into the clouds. A fantastic start.

Panorama of the glen
One of the hills in the glen
After our first sighting, the day just kept getting better and better. We saw numerous more Golden Eagles after that, and they varied as well. We saw males, females, and young individuals. It was brilliant. At times we would see three or four in the air at the same time, and they would get very close as well, flying right overhead. They obviously knew that we were there, but they seemed completely at ease, behaving completely naturally. It was awesome. Near the halfway stage of the walk, we also saw a huge adult White-tailed Eagle, which circled around in the air for a long time, and got quite close, allowing amazing views from the path, before that too vanished into the clouds. It was a fantastic eagle experience. 

White-tailed Eagle
Golden Eagle
sorry about the spot on the lens

The halfway point of the walk, before we turned back, was on top of a hill off to the side of the park. We stopped for lunch, and the view off the mountain was stunning, looking over a loch and a valley. We also found some interesting things on the rocks we were sitting on, on the side of the hill. We were eating where a Golden Eagle had been dining as well. There were remains of what looked like rabbit, as well as a small clump of hair, which could have been a Golden Eagle pellet, although I'm not certain.

View from Lunch Spot
Remains of an Eagle Meal
Goldie pellet?
On the walk back, we yet again saw even more eagles. At one point, we saw 4 eagles in the air at once, all circling around together, which I had never expected. They were identified in the end as being 2 Golden Eagles, and 2 White-tailed Eagles. An amazing end to a brilliant Eagle Walk. Eagle Walks like these run every Wednesday, when in season, and I would recommend them to anyone who is in Harris at the correct time.

Thank you for reading :).


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