Outer Hebrides Day 6

We were up early, and were on our way to the Calanais standing stones in the early morning. It was a 45-50 minute drive up from our cottage in Harris to reach the area on Lewis, but the drive was definitely worth it.

We arrived at Calanais fairly early, meaning that very few people were around. We went into the visitor centre first, went to the cafe and had a look around the shop. It was cold outside, so we were preparing ourselves to go and see the stones themselves, which are quite exposed. Once we had bought what we wanted to buy, we headed out and up the hill to the Calanais Stones.

They were amazing, and you could actually believe that people could have put them there, as they were a reasonable size, unlike at Stonehenge, where it is hard to believe that all the stones were placed there by people all that time ago. There were also a lot more of them than I expected there to be. It consists of a main stone circle, with four avenues coming off it. Some avenues are longer than others, but the structure as a whole had a lot more stones than I thought it had. It was brilliant.

The Callanais Standing Stones
The Callanais Stones

The visit to the stones took up a large amount of the day, so we were only back in Harris at mid-afternoon. With the rest of the day free, my dad and I decided to go for a short walk in the Harris hills, through a nearby glen. The path was long, so we decided not to walk all of it, but it was pretty easy-going so we went further than expected.

The path into the glen

We also ended up seeing two species of bird that we were very pleased with. A short way into the walk, my dad looked at me and said "we haven't seen a lot of things we normally see yet, like wheatear and..." before I cut him off. I had spotted a small bird sat on a rock in front of us. A Wheatear. What a stroke of luck. Unfortunately this trick didn't work again. We tried.


Very shortly after the Wheatear sighting, we were walking down the path when all of a sudden, a flurry of feathers erupted from the undergrowth beside us. Two birds. They both flew up the sides of the glen, and disappeared fairly quickly, but we managed to identify them before they went. Red Grouse. Another species that we had wanted to see on this trip, and we had managed it. Brilliant!

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