Outer Hebrides Day 5 - Eagles

Day 5 on Harris, and we had our plans for the day. We were going to head up to the North Harris Eagle Observatory, and see if we could catch a glimpse of the resident Golden Eagles in the glen. We were in luck, as I will talk about in a bit.

We were woken up by an invasion of Redwing in the garden, making a lot of noise, and flying around from tree to tree, as well as feeding on the floor. This of course triggered the camera-trap that had been put in the garden last night, and we managed to get some closer shots of the Redwing. Unfortunately, we are having difficulties with the file, so I am not able to put the video up here at the moment.


After this pleasant surprise in the morning we headed off for the North Harris Eagle Observatory. We arrived at Glen Meavaig, and parked up at the small car park on the side of the road. It was then a 2km walk down a track to the observatory itself. The scenery in the glen was amazing, so the walk didn't seem too long, and soon enough, we had arrived at the hide.

Glen Meavaig

North Harris Eagle Observatory

We settled down and scanned the skies in search of the large birds. And sure enough, about 5-10 minutes after arriving, we saw our first Golden Eagle of the trip. It came around a corner, exposing itself against the sky, and flew around for a bit, before being joined by a second! They then flew over our heads, and disappeared into the low clouds, before appearing again. This repeated itself for the entire time we were there, and this allowed us to get some very good photos, and I managed to film one for a long time. This will be posted on a separate blog.

Golden Eagle

So, overall it was a very good day, and we had some very good views of Golden Eagles in Glen Meavaig. Tomorrow, we are heading up to the stone circles on Lewis, and we will be putting out camera-traps and of course keeping our eye out for wildlife all the time.

Thank you for reading :)


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