Outer Hebrides Days 1+2 - Travelling

So the Outer Hebrides trip has begun, and it is living up to it's expectations. The scenery has been absolutely beautiful and, although we haven't seen much wildlife yet, the past two days have been very exciting.

Day 1
We were up early, and we were out of Surrey by 9:00 in the morning, heading for Heathrow Airport to catch our flight to Aberdeen. The flight ended up being delayed by 2 hours though, and we only arrived in Aberdeen at 3:30. From there, we picked up the hire car, and began our 2hr30mins drive to Inverness. Once in Inverness, we got to our hotel, ate, and went to bed, ready for the second day.

Day 2
By 10:30 we had left Inverness, and were on the road to Ullapool, where we would be leaving for Stornoway the next day. This road was much more picturesque and exciting than the road to Inverness. The scenery was much more dramatic, and the road carved through glacial valleys and upland moors.

North Highland Scenery

Around halfway through the journey, we reached a large hydroelectric dam called Glascarnoch Dam. We decided to get out and have a look around. After a short walk, we spotted some small birds down to our right. At first we had no idea what it was, but on closer inspection, we realised they were Meadow Pipit. They were hopping around a lot, and it was difficult to get a picture, but I managed to grab one, though it isn't great quality.

Glascarnoch Dam
Meadow Pipit

After the short stop at the Dam, we headed on. Ullapool was not far away now. We were going to stay the night in Ullapool and catch an early ferry the next morning, so that we would be in Stornoway by the early afternoon.

After the 1hr30mins drive from Inverness, we arrived in Ullapool, and it was smaller than I expected, but it had a very nice feel to it. We walked around a bit, and ate, and now here I am writing this in our hotel. By this time tomorrow, we will be in Harris, and hopefully seeing some fantastic wildlife.


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