Outer Hebrides Day 4

So the fourth day of the Outer Hebrides Trip has been and gone. It has been another good day for wildlife spotting, and for scenic pictures as well. Let's just get straight into it.

The day started on a high. Straight after getting up, some of us went on a short walk down the coast at low tide, hoping to see some seals, or some different coastal birds. Instead, it was the three otters from the day before, proving that they live and feed in the bay, which is brilliant! They also got a lot closer than expected, and sat and played on rocks very near by. This allowed some amazing footage to be taken, showing the family of otters poking their heads up and obviously trying to get a better look at the camera. What a fantastic start to the day.

The Otter Family Swimming

The plan for the day was to drive around the whole of South Harris, and see if their were any good spots for wildlife. This meant going past the beautiful beaches that lie on the west coast of South Harris, and they certainly lived up to their expectations. Amazing white sand with calm waves and big sand dunes behind. They also held their own birdlife. Out on the waves, quite close to the shore, we spotted a Long-Tailed Duck, although unfortunately we couldn't get a picture.

Beach Panorama

Hooded Crow

 We headed back for our cottage, after successfully circling the whole of South Harris, and the mist had begun to roll in, which allowed a brilliant picture of the ferry coming in to Tarbert from the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately though, it also made wildlife watching a little tricky, as we couldn't see very far up hills, or out into lochs. We did manage to spot a Redshank perched on a rock though, and grab a picture, so it wasn't all bad news.

Tarbert Ferry


Another exciting day in the Outer Hebrides. I have just put out my camera-trap by a rabbit hole as well, so maybe tomorrow I will have some camera-trap images to post. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading :)


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