Outer Hebrides Day 3 - Otters

We have arrived in Harris, after two days on the road, and it has definitely been worth the effort to get here. The wildlife is amazing already, and we have only been on the island for half a day. It seems that the Outer Hebrides are living up to their big claims.

We started the day by catching the ferry from Ullapool harbour, and endured the 3hr journey across the stretch of sea separating the Outer Hebrides from mainland Scotland. The journey really made me realise how far away we were going, and how literally on the edge the islands are. Eventually though, we arrived in Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis. After a quick pit stop in Tesco to gather supplies, we headed off for our cottage on Harris. We drove along the A859, which was a beautiful road, with beautiful views on both sides, and cloud-shrowded mountains visible for the majority of the journey.

Harris Mountains
Harris Scenery

Eventually we arrived at our cottage. It is in a prime location, with the end of the garden looking out over a small, sheltered bay which looks perfect for otters and seals, as well as views over mountains and hills on either side. Brilliant for exploring wildlife.

Over the next hour, we flicked from being inside to going and watching the bay. In this time, we spotted about 5 seals at once, which is brilliant. I then went down into the bay to have a look around, and see what other wildlife there was in and around the bay. After only 5 minutes, I came across more seals, and then a small Wren hopping around on the rocks and seaweed. I managed to get closer than I expected, and grab a few photos.

Curious Wren
Not long after the Wren, I heard a cry I didn't think I would hear on the very first day in Harris. "Otter!". I ran as fast as I could to grab my camcorder and ran to the end of the garden. They were much closer than I thought, and there were three of them. I watched and filmed them for a long time, as they fed, played and swam around the bay. It was absolutely amazing.

One of the Otter Photos
better quality ones will be posted on a separate blog post

I will put up a separate blog post especially for the otters that will feature the film and better quality photos.

So it has been an amazing first day in Harris, and an amazing third day overall, and we saw a lot more than we expected too. It is looking like this week will be a wildlife-packed week.

Thank you for reading :)


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