Stunning Surrey Sparrowhawk

About a week ago, my dad was calling his friend and, during their conversation, his friend said an unusual, larger bird had landed on a fence in his garden. My dad instantly said "I bet you it's a Sparrowhawk". His friend then went away to take a photo and low and behold, it was.

When I was forwarded the photos I was amazed (and a little jealous!). I decided the photos werw too good not to be put on the blog, so here they are. Enjoy!

Stunning Sparrowhawk
Amazing photos of an amazing animal. It is definitely a male, due to the rufous cheek and breast. The age is much more tricky. The eye looks quite yellow, meaning this individual may be quite young, but it is difficult to say. What isn't difficult to say is that this is a fantastic bird of prey picture.

Thank you very much for the photos.


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