Escaping to the Country

Today we have been in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and we decided to head out of the centre of town and explore the wildlife of the countryside. There are many roads that lead out of Marlborough and lead through field after field, which are normally pretty full of life. We spotted a footpath going off the road and into the middle of the patchwork countryside.

In the Wiltshire countryside
Our first spot was literally from right next to the car, and immediately after climbing out. There were, among many pheasants, a few smaller shapes in the field. On closer inspection, they turned out to be Red Legged Partridge. And they were beautiful. They were foraging amongst the fields, probably for they main source of food: seeds and roots.

Red Legged Partridge
Red Legged Partridge
After a very good start, we began our walk. The trail wasn't very long, but it provided great views over large expanses of field, so it was good for spotting any raptors or other animals that may have been around. Soon, we reached a small gap in the trees, and it was a perfect place to scan for any life. Unfortunately though, it was also the spot that someone chose to dump some belongings they didn't need anymore. So in a peaceful spot in the countryside, I had to watch nature next to a dumped barbecue and a child's shoe, amongst other things. 

Despite this, we stood and waited in this spot, and after a few minutes our patience paid off. Across the other side of the field, three Roe Deer suddenly sprung up out of nowhere and ran off across the next field. It was great to see the deer were healthy as well, and it only lifted our spirits even more.

As we moved on, it became very quiet, and we didn't really see anything at all for a while, until we turned back and headed back towards the car. Our eyes scanned the fields on either side of the path, and soon we spotted a male pheasant sat low in a field, with only the upper part of it's body poking up above the grass.

We didn't see anything else too interesting until we were back near Marlborough again. But it was worth waiting, because we saw one of Britain's most beautiful raptors, the Red Kite. It didn't stay still for long though, and getting a photo turned out to be much more difficult than it should have been.
I managed to get one in the end, although it isn't great!

Red Kite

So Spring has arrived at last, and the animals are already showing themselves more. Hopefully it's a sign of good things coming this year.

For the next two weeks the posts could be less frequent, leading up to the trip to the Outer Hebrides, which isn't far away now!


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