Washed Up in Wales

Our first full day in Wales, and we decided to go for a long walk down Tenby's South Beach. The aim was to see if anything had been swept up by the sea, and also to look for birdlife and other animals on the way.

South Beach, Tenby
So we started our walk, and almost immediately, we came across evidence of sealife, washed up by the sea. A huge crab claw was lying on the beach, as well as a razor clam shells littered all around it. A great start!

Razor Clam Shell and Crab Claw
After this promising start, we continued to walk down the beach. It was quite a way down before we saw our next animal, and it wasn't just one. There was a small crowd of small birds, who looked brilliantly camouflaged against the pebbles and the sand of the beach. I would have to get closer to confirm what they were. I crept around the back of them, hoping not to be seen, and my method worked. I managed to get a lot closer than I expected, which allowed me to take some photos and to identify them. They were Ringed Plover, with the odd Sanderling in amongst them. Brilliant!

Ringed Plover

We continued on down the beach, eventually reaching the end of the South Beach. There was a small jetty stretching out into the sea, before the last slim stretch of sand at the end. I still hadn't found anything too exciting by this point, so I was hoping for something good over the top of the jetty. As I crossed it, I looked over the last stretch of beach, hoping something unique would catch my eye. Then I saw something strange lying in the surf, just washed up. A Jellyfish! On closer inspection, we realised it was a Barrel Jellyfish, and of a decent size too.

Barrel Jellyfish
Mermaid's Purse (egg case)
After the success of the walk so far, we then decided to go even further, and go up the hills and cliffs at the end of the beach, to see if our luck could persist any longer. When we arrived at the top of the hill, our luck was in again, and we saw this lovely seal looking up at us from the surf, watching our every move. It was a brilliant end to a wonderful Welsh walk.

Grey Seal


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