Tenby's Hidden Fulmar

In Tenby, right under the noses of the holidaymakers lies a small seabird sanctuary. The area is cut off to the public at high tide, but at low tide, it is connected to Tenby's North Beach by a small stretch of sand. This area consists of numerous small bays, each underneath towering cliffs. Most of these bays disappear at high tide but, when accessible, they hold a relatively large population of (Northern) Fulmar.

Area at a high tide
Area at a low tide

Our first visit to the area was only intended as a walk, and we were unaware that there were any seabirds there at all. It was only on our second trip, where we walked along almost all the bays, that we realised how healthy the population was. There were pairs of Fulmar sitting together on small ledges on the cliffs, and many birds in the air as well. Northern Fulmar are known to live for a long time by bird standards, with females breeding as old as forty, so the ages of these birds would vary greatly.

Above is a video of the Fulmar, filmed in Tenby.

One of the many Fulmar cliffs
It is brilliant that these seabirds can live and breed so close to us, and have this area, so close to a seaside holiday town, where they can live in peace. The Northern Fulmar population is increasing here in Britain, which is a promising sign that maybe other seabirds can follow.


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