Animal of the Month

Welcome to Animal of the Month for February 2015. Every month, we will announce our favourite animal that has been featured on the blog at some point during the month.

Which animal has been our favourite this month?

Northern Fulmar
Ringed Plover
Barrel Jellyfish
Grey Seal

Winner: Northern Fulmar
The discovery of the healthy population of Northern Fulmar in Tenby was very exciting, and the one thing that made it stand out was how close you could get to these birds. It allowed me to really appreciate the birds better than I ever have before, and realise what amazing birds they really are. It is great news that their numbers are increasing in Britain, and I hope it will continue into the future. The Barrel Jellyfish looked like the winner this month although, as it was dead when we found it, I decided it wouldn't be an appropriate winner of Animal of the Month.

Fact File
Name: Northern Fulmar
Scientific Name: Fulmarus glacialis
Family: Procellariidae
Diet: Shrimp, Fish, Jellyfish, Carrion, Plankton


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