Animal of the Month

Welcome to Animal of the Month for January 2015. Every month, we will announce our favourite animal that has been featured on the blog at some point during the month.

Which animal has been our favourite this month?

Barn Owl
Short Eared Owl
Water Rail

Water Rail
At the beginning of January, I said to myself: "This year, I will see a Water Rail". I was never expecting to have 4 sightings in the first month! We saw one at Arundel Wetland Centre, the 'Car Park Water Rail', and then 3 more sightings in the Ripley Area. Amazing! To be honest, I'm not sure there was much competition for AofM this month though, the Water Rail was the star of the show!

'Car Park Water Rail'

Fact File
Name: Water Rail
Scientific Name: Rallus aquaticus
Family: Rallidae
Genus: Rallus
Diet: Omnivores - mainly small fish, snails, insects.

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