Thursley and the Dartford Warblers

Last Tuesday, I went on a trip to one of my favourite birding and wildlife watching spots in Surrey. Thursley Common. Over the past year I have begun to see more and more Dartford Warblers on the common, which is very promising, and now I know the spots that they 'hang out'. So we set off to find them.

The first sighting of the day was a pair of Stonechats, singing away on small plants off to the side of the path.

As soon as I arrived at the regular spot we heard the unmistakable call of the Dartford. And sure enough, I saw feathers flash through the gorse. Eventually, the wonderful bird stopped, perched on the top of the gorse bush, like an image out of a bird guide. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stay on top for long enough, and just evaded a picture.

We continued on, leaving the warbler, and heading on to 'Shrike Hill', the home of Surrey's very own Great Grey Shrike, but there was no sign of him, but as we reached the end of the hill, we spotted something that we were shocked to see. Another Dartford Warbler. We had never seen one this far round the common, and never heard of any sightings. It is great news that there are more warblers than we expected, and hopefully they will continue to thrive. Unfortunately, we couldn't take a great picture, and it had turned around by the time we took it, but it is a picture nonetheless. 

A glimpse of 'Darty'
A Thursley Woodpecker
Overall, it was a very successful day, and it was great to see that the Dartford Warblers are continuing to thrive on Thursley Common.

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