Turkey #3: Other Animals

This is the last of a three part post on our trip to Turkey

As well as the birds, we also saw many other animals on the trip.

To start, we saw many spiders, some bigger than others! 

Wolf Spider
We also saw other arachnids in the shape of scorpions. The only one we saw was spotted whilst walking around with head torches. 

 Another animal that we spotted with head torches was a toad. This toad had amazing colouring, but taking a picture was difficult, as it wouldn't stay still.

There were also a lot of crickets hopping around. One cricket caught our eye though. I've never seen anything like it.

 One of the greatest moments of the trip actually didn't take place in Turkey itself! On a day trip to the Greek island of Meis, we saw a turtle! It was by pure luck that we chanced upon it. We had just left a restaurant, and, as we walked along the side of the harbour, we spotted a shape moving through the water. We followed it as it moved along the harbour, swimming under the boats. When it came up for air, we got a proper look at it, and it was much bigger than we expected.

 We also have video of it coming to the surface to breathe, and that will be posted on our YouTube Channel.

Another creature we saw, we spotted on a trip to the beach. I was swimming around looking at fish, when unfamiliar movement caught my eye. When I realised what it was, I don't think I have been more excited over an animal in my life. It was an octopus. I have always wanted to see one, and finally I had. It hid around a rock, but as it came out, I got brilliant views of it. Unfortunately, we had no underwater camera to hand, so I haven't got a picture. But it was an amazing experience.

Overall, our trip to Turkey was fantastic for wildlife, and I saw many new species of wildlife. It is certainly a great place for nature.

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