Turkey #2: Other Birds

This is the second of a three part post on our trip to Turkey.

Apart from the Shrikes, there are numerous other birds that we spotted in Turkey.

To begin, we saw three species of wheatear, Common, Dark-Eared and Isabelline. These were mainly spotted sitting on rocks, occasionally darting up to catch an insect.

Black-Eared Wheatear

We also saw numerous Rock Nuthatches, young and old. We normally saw them darting around at ground level catching small flying insects. These also came very close to where we were staying.

Two Young Rock Nuthatches
Adult Rock Nuthatch
Another species we caught a couple of glimpses of is the Cretzchmar's Bunting. We only saw these through gaps in hedges, but we managed to get a picture.

Cretzchmar's Bunting
We also saw Short-Toed Eagles on numerous occasions. They would soar over the mountains, in search of snakes and reptiles.

Short-Toed Eagle
Hovering Short-Toed Eagle
On the way to a beach one day, we saw two species that we weren't expecting to add to our Turkey list. The first one we spotted sitting on a telephone line next to the road. It was a European Roller. 

European Roller
 At the beach itself, we saw dozens of Crested Lark, bounding around in the sand and grass. We managed to get a few good pictures, but they wouldn't stay still. This sighting was unexpected but welcome!

Crested Lark
One of the most unexpected finds though, was the Spectacled Bulbul. We found these in Kas, very close to civilisation. The pictures are below.

Spectacled Bulbul
Spectacled Bulbul
So, from a bird point of view, it was a great trip. The final Turkey post, will be our highlights and other animals, so stay posted!

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