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Marsh Tits at Marlborough

Sorry we haven't updated in a long time.

We visited our regular site around Marlborough again today, and we definitely didn't expect to see what we saw on a short walk.

We started our walk, and quickly came across our first sign of wildlife, in the form of a small field mouse, scuttling about in the undergrowth. This was shortly followed by a brilliant view of a pair of Blackcaps, darting around from tree to tree. As we followed them we saw what we thought was another Blackcap, but it looked different, and more like a tit than a Blackcap. We took photos and headed back to analyse them and see what we had photographed.

After flicking through many books, we finally came to the conclusion that our mystery bird was in fact a Marsh Tit. This was our first ever Marsh Tit sighting, and we were very happy with the discovery.

See the photo below. If you disagree with our decision please email us at: