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Mull 2013

Sorry that this post is overdue.

We had an outstanding trip to the Isle of Mull over half term. We stayed in the north of the island, but travelled around trying to find the best wildlife. On this post we will give you the best of our pictures from our trip.


First off, the seabirds. We went on two boat trips during our stay, one of them was to the magical island of Lunga. On Lunga, there are a huge amount of breeding seabirds. Fulmar nested on the cliffs, along with Guillemot and Razorbill. Puffins were all over the banks, and sitting on the water.

See a seperate page for more Puffin pictures. 
Our second boat trip went out to see looking for seabirds, and maybe even whales. We had many sightings, including Gannets, Kittiwakes, Manx Shearwaters and even one Minke Whale!

We also traveled to a beach, accessible by car, and saw even more Kittiwake and a lot of Common Terns, darting around and even fishing. There were also Wheatear and Ringed Plover feeding and living on the beach.


Message From Mull

We have just arrived back from Mull, so we have seen plenty over the last week.

We will post a massive post, telling you about each day and what we saw. Please keep posted. We are expecting to have our big post up by Tuesday. 
We are looking forward to sharing our sightings with you.