Badgers at Marlborough

As we set off for Marlborough, we had heard that at the back of a field there is an active badger sett. Badgers are nocturnal, and its winter, so the only way to get good shots was to place a camera-trap there overnight.

We arrived at the sett on the first night to place the camera in its position. Unfortunately, when we checked the photographs, we had nothing. It turns out that we had put the camera up to high to catch any movement.

So we learnt from our mistake, an the next night, we placed almost at ground level and waited.

The next morning, we collected the camera. It had been knocked over overnight, but by what? So we looked at the photos. And here is what we saw:

Our camera had caught some amazing shots of the badgers. To see the full story see the video at: It will be uploaded by Saturday 23 February.

This must be some of the most amazing pictures yet. Fanominal!!

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