Pembrokeshire Coast

This half term we took a visit to the Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales. This part of Wales is known for its variety of wildlife and nature. Our trip started with a visit to the north of Pembrokeshire to Fishguard and St.Davids. Fishguard harbour used to be a big shipping port but when coal supplies crashed, so did the port. The highlight though was on a small river running down into the sea. It was fast flowing and had plenty of rocks, the perfect habitat for a dipper. And sure enough, after a couple of minutes walking we spotted our first dipper and followed it down the river with our cameras.



After the Dipper river we moved onto Strumble Head, a well known seabird watching location. Unfortunately, we only saw Great Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls. Then, on our way back to the car we saw a Grey Seal, swimming in the sunlit sea. Wales supports a very healthy population of these seals and are in almost every rocky bay.

Grey Seal

Moving on from Strumble Head we went to St. Davids and saw the cathedral but unfortunately, no wildlife.

The next day we travelled to Skomer Island, the best place in Wales for watching seabirds. Unfortunately, all the seabirds had left for the winter but there were plenty of signs that they had left behind. For starters there were burrows all over the hillsides, but the most shocking signs were all the dead Manx Shearwaters that had been killed by Great Black-backed Gulls, and eaten before being left to rot.

Dead Manx Shearwater
Shearwater Skull

Even though the seabirds had all gone, there were still many more excitements. Grey Seals were in every cove and we could hear the pups calling from their caves. 

As we neared the end of our trip, we came across a rare bird that was new to us all. A Black Redstart. What a finish to an amazing day.

Black Redstart
Skomer Island
A couple of days later we travelled to Amroth, which has a huge population of Common Scoter. Sure enough, we saw a flock out at sea, bobbing happily on the surface. As we moved up the beach, we came across three Rock Pipits hopping over the rocks in search of flies. Another brilliant day in Wales.

Amroth Beach

Rock Pipit
On our last day in Pembrokeshire, we travelled to Monorbier beach and saw plenty of Buzzards, and then to Tenby.


We recommend visiting the Pembrokeshire coast in search of your own wildlife encounters.   

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