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Pembrokeshire Coast

This half term we took a visit to the Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales. This part of Wales is known for its variety of wildlife and nature. Our trip started with a visit to the north of Pembrokeshire to Fishguard and St.Davids. Fishguard harbour used to be a big shipping port but when coal supplies crashed, so did the port. The highlight though was on a small river running down into the sea. It was fast flowing and had plenty of rocks, the perfect habitat for a dipper. And sure enough, after a couple of minutes walking we spotted our first dipper and followed it down the river with our cameras.

After the Dipper river we moved onto Strumble Head, a well known seabird watching location. Unfortunately, we only saw Great Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls. Then, on our way back to the car we saw a Grey Seal, swimming in the sunlit sea. Wales supports a very healthy population of these seals and are in almost every rocky bay.

Moving on from Strumble Head we went to St. Davids and saw the cathedr…